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At this stage, there are changes in the glomerular filtration rate. This indicator characterizes the filtration of water and low molecular weight harmful substances through the kidney filter. At the onset of diabetic nephropathy, the glomerular filtration rate may be normal or slightly increased due to increased pressure in the kidney vessels. There are no external manifestations of the disease.

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These three stages are called preclinical, since there are no complaints, and kidney damage is determined only by special laboratory methods or by microscopy of the kidney tissue during a biopsy (taking zithromax pills of an organ for diagnostic purposes). But the detection of the disease at these stages is very important, since only at this time the disease is reversible.

Stage IV - severe diabetic nephropathy occurs 10-15 years after the onset of diabetes mellitus and is characterized by vivid clinical manifestations. A large amount of protein is excreted in the urine. This condition is called proteinuria. In the blood, the concentration of protein sharply decreases, massive edema develops. With a slight proteinuria, edema occurs in the lower extremities and on the face, then with the progression of the disease, edema becomes widespread, fluid accumulates in the body cavities (abdominal, thoracic cavities, in the pericardial cavity). In the presence of severe kidney damage, diuretic drugs for the treatment of edema become ineffective. In this case, resort to buy azithromycin online removal of fluid (puncture). To maintain an optimal level of blood protein, the body begins to break down its own proteins. Patients become very thin. Also, patients complain of weakness, drowsiness, nausea, loss of appetite, thirst. At this stage, almost all patients note an increase in blood pressure, sometimes to high numbers, which is accompanied by headache, shortness of breath, pain in the heart.

Stage V - uremic - the final stage of diabetic nephropathy, the end stage of zithromax pills. The kidney vessels are completely sclerosed. The kidney does not fulfill its excretory function. Soonglomerular filtration rate - less than 10 ml / min. The symptoms of the previous stage persist and become life-threatening. The only way out is renal replacement therapy (peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis) and transplantation (transplantation) of a kidney or a kidney-pancreas complex.